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Years of experience have enabled me to turn any function into a memorable event. My library literally consists of everything from the Big Band era to present day tunes. If it was a popular song I have it. If it’s not, we’ll find it.

The time tested winning formula is this: If you play proven recognizable music, especially when it comes time to dance, people will respond. I can mix and match music from many different eras that has proven to get everyone from grandparents to teenagers on the dance floor. You have to play to the crowd. (No line dances unless you insist).

All music is in digital CD form and is played on a state of the art sound system. Check My song list pages for some ideas .

My Goal:

Whatever the occasion, I strive to please as many people as possible. I want everyone to feel as if they have been part of the show and that they had a great time.

Think about this….We always remember the good times ….don’t we?

  Keith Lemire 2007

 Click on the envelope to email me or call me directly @ 508-833-0054